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eTDS Return Filing Software

Statutory Compliance

Saibex Network fundamental strength lays with our good team of software developers and software analyst, having strong foundations in software development and web development. We have applied our broad experience in developing software solution.

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Benefits with Online Tds Software

  • Instant Updates & Patches
  • Automatic Preparation of e-File
  • Save Time, Minimum Input
  • Unlimited Deductees / Employees
  • Online PAN Verification
  • Multiple Branches
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Saibex Software includes:

  • Fully parameterized Slabs of Income-Tax, Professional Tax & Standard Deductions
  • TDS Computation for Salary is done on the click of a button.
  • Form 16 part B, Form 12BA, Form 24Q along with all Quarter returns is immediately prepared.

e TDS Software from Saibex is an easy to use software solution to file your TDS Returns as required by NSDL format.

eTDS Data - A TDS software not only generates . FVU file, but also prepares all relevant reports related to TDS for various parties involved in the TDS transactions.

Its a complete TDS management Software helping you to comply with the law, minimizing errors, saving time and helps to file TDS return accurately in time